Natia Guruli – ATSU Alumni

Natia Guruli – Master of Public Law of Akaki Tsereteli State University and at present she is an invited lecturer at the Department of Law at ATSU.

“After completing the Bachelor’s degree I got involved in the project “Georgian language for the future success” – I taught Georgian language and literature at Dmanisi public school.

Participating in the project gave me an opportunity to pay the learning fee while studying on Master’s degree and this condition made me quite interested. Though, later, the educational process became so interesting that academic area attracted me so much. I recall the area as magic that I had at school. I felt very productive in the process of giving knowledge and getting feedback.

This is for pupils, but as for the students, this is quite different level of relationship. At present I work in the office of internal audit and monitoring at Kutaisi City Hall as a public worker; I also have lectures at the university about the official law. It is obvious that I have fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge about the subject I teach at the university, in addition, I have appropriate practical experience. I work with students about the discussing issue. I feel very pleased as I have an opportunity to share my knowledge and experience with my students. With one quick view, many people aspire for the education in our country, parents try very hard to give their children good education but if we observe more carefully, we will find out that we have great lag in terms of professional education. These problems are conditioned by several factors and among them one of the major factor is that very often people get stuck in their professional choice they made once and they have no emotional ties with their professional choices. They have no motivation to strengthen and develop themselves in their profession.

A choice is an opportunity. We often make choices during our lives. No one should think that a professional choice can only be made once. I really think that a person should be devoted to his own goals and opportunities and not to the choice once made.”