Giorgi Chachua – ATSU Alumni

Giorgi Chachua –  a Doctor of computer technologies.

“When I decided to learn computer technologies I had not even seen a computer. But now, computers are much involved in almost every field of our lives and it is hard to imagine living without them. Though, there are some people who feel sceptic about the development of technologies. I don’t think it’s a right attitude, moreover, to my mind, the role of modern technologies must increase in educational process. A few months ago I was in Germany for internship. The most exciting thing for me was that you are not given ready materials to study from the beginning to the end, but you are offered a subject matter and give several resources on which you have to work. This kind of approach helps students manage their learning process more effectively.

It has been two years that I am the manager of fab-lab. I make presentations, host excursion groups, spread information in social network. During this time, I have met many people to share the opportunities that fab-lab offers people, though, there still are people who does not have any idea about our work. When I realize it, first of all, I criticize myself in order to find out how to manage and improve our work and spread information about fab-lab to more and more people. But we should also take the fact into consideration that people in Georgia are not accustomed to the process of searching. They think that they should receive ready materials and if they do not receive anything ready, it does not exist.

The economic condition of the country determines the technological progress of the same country and vice versa. If we want our country to have relevant economic progress, we have to be contemporary to the technological progress. We should realize what the world needs from us and always work hard”.