Keti Kiriakidi – ATSU Alumni


Keti kiriakidi – Master of Jurisprudence. Keti is a 24-year-old attorney and she works on the position of a secretary of sessions in Kutaisi Civil Court.

“I don’t remember when and why I decided to be a lawyer but I had been planning to study Jurisprudence since my childhood. Later, when I started to study at the university I became more and more satisfied with my professional choice. I was always trying to deepen my theoretical knowledge and gain practical skills while studying at the university. Theoretical basis is a necessary fundament, practical knowledge and experience are the opportunities which make your theoretical knowledge more productive and useful. When I think about education, I can’t imagine what I would do without it.

My professional choice was my first fight to defend my decision. Then there were “fights” for exams, contests, job interviews and this process is still continuing for my personal and career development. I would advise people who are making their professional choices to know their wishes better and defend their personal decisions and choices.

Education is my strongest tool without which it is unimaginable to live or develop.