Alimi Kherkhadze – ATSU Alumni


Alimi Kherkhadze – a Master of Business Administration.

Alimi is a major specialist of II category in state purchasing department at state purchasing office and financing politics in Kutaisi City Hall.

Yes, this position is not quite easy to say or remember, but the way to achieve this position was not either easy at all, though, it was rather interesting.

As for the educations, he thinks that this is not only the way to gain specific knowledge but it is the unity of values. These are the values with which the person having civil responsibility is equipped.

Politics and economics are main fields of interests for Alimi. The present job is the synthesis of these two fields. He is inspired with Konstantine Gamsakhurdia words and thus, he thinks, that not any nation is not worth better that it has not deserved. He says that he works for getting for that what he deserves.