Tina Kuprashvili – ATSU Alumni


Tina Kuprashvili – Master of English and American Studies at Akaki Tsereteli State University. Tina is the manager of Researching and Developing Center in the University of Georgia and a lecturer of the management school at the same university.

“My professional choice is a combination of love towards language and literature. The most important this profession gave me is a fundamental academic knowledge. At the same time, the university accurately referred me to those fields which cannot be reached with only academic education. It gives you basic knowledge and you have to support and develop yourself as the world develops so rapidly.

I think that education is a choice. It is simple when you have a specific task in the university which must be acquired. It is up to you to learn what the university determines or satisfy your interests with new information. It is obvious that university should give you essential skills and show you the ways to select crucial and productive materials from great deal of information.

Constant longing for the development is defined by personal factors, such as: emotional intellect, ambitions, attitude to the perfection. After completing Bachelor’s Degree, I continued studying at Master’s program of American Studies. I recall this choice as an inertia for continuing learning process. The major motif of studying in Master’s Degree should be acquiring qualitative knowledge and satisfying specific needs. This program would be rather effective and productive for me if I started it more consciously. Though, it should be said that the program itself was well compiled and it satisfied all my requirements at that time.

In general, people might get education for the main three reasons:

  1. Development – there are some people who make choices consciously. They want to be scientists, researchers and they need this or that level of education. Why not, quite a good aim.
  2. Tendency – behavior model accepted by the society. There are some elite professions which are regarded as successful ones. Some members of society respond to the trendy orders.
  3. Employment Market – which is one of the major lever. There are very few employers and there are many qualified candidates and professional are selected naturally. To increase the chance of getting employed, you have to try to possess at least better education than others.

In general, it is quite hard to make a right professional choice.

I got Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree and after eight years I got back to academic area again to get education. It took me a long time to find the field which would be close to me with passion. I study public politics in public affairs institute in Georgia and I plan to continue working in the field of public politics.

The most important experience is related to the work in public services and in private fields. Here I realized what really means to be the member of the team, have high professional ethics and corporative responsibility.

If you want to care about yourself continuously, the key to it is in education.

Except for professional terms, continuous education is relevant for acquiring modern skills. Some parts of the population possess valuable intellectual resource but they have no necessary skills for communicating with the modern world. This makes their resource absolutely unavailable. Modern technologies are so much involved in every field of daily life, there might be many people who just can’t input their knowledge. On the one hand, this is the resource that must not be lost and on the other hand, this is not complicated knowledge that could not be gained. To make an example of a museum exponent, there might have kept a very important work in the museum, but it must have wrapped remarkably in order to cause interest. It also spreads on education, even if you have brilliant knowledge but you might not fit to the reality and modern requirements and thus, you will have difficulty in showing your potential to others”.