Nino Khukhua – ATSU Alumni


Nino Khukhua – Master of Jurisprudence at Akaki Tsereteli State University.

“I took an internship in young lawyers’ association after my graduation, I worked as an assistant of a lawyer in juridical assistance service. After the internship I continued working in the organization. I worked on the position of a lawyer in different projects. There was the time when I got involved in parliamentary work and I took part in discussing the projects of Law in the legislative organ in the name of SAIA.

After working in the parliament, I moved in SAIA Office in Zugdidi. It was interesting for me on the one hand and on the other, it was an important challenge because the organization was supposed to be formed in Samegrelo region twice, though, it did not have sustainable development. I like difficulties and challenges. I took this challenge and I established an office in Zugdidi together with my team. Our office continues working successfully.

I have worked in SAIA on different positions for 6 years.

At present, I am an executive director at “Agency of Local Democracy Georgia”. This is an European organization and it has been functioning in Georgia for 10 years already. Main office of the organization is in Kutaisi and its location is conditioned with the principal strategy of the organization.

Our organization cooperates with local and international partners and supports local democracy and civil society; it also supports to form democratic reforms and develop innovative approaches in Georgia. We collaborate with different actors of the organization, such as meeting with citizens that is always interesting and at the same time, very complex. We try to raise legislative awareness in population and increase their involvement in the process of making decisions on the local level.

I had been involved in many projects where people were also involved and many problems had been advocated and lobbied on local self-governing level. It deserves a positive appreciation, though, it should also be mentioned that some people can’t usually conceive the necessity of caring about common problem and they just cooperate with the local self-government in order to satisfy their personal interests.

I think that educational institutions have to focus on the role of civil society and the importance of active citizens in order to raise awareness in civil responsibility.

That’s why all actors – educational institutions and representatives of civil society must work a lot to carry out civil responsibility as our duty.