Maka Kachkachishvili – ATSU Alumni

Maka Kachkachishvili – Master of general linguistics.

Maka is a 25-year-old enthusiast who passed certification exams for civil education and now she works at Georgian-American school “Progress” in Kutaisi as a civil education teacher and coordinator of informal education. She teaches the same subject in a public school of Siktarva, Terjola region.

“I think that developing civil consciousness is a big challenge for us nowadays in order to form as a nation and society. I like it so much that I get involved in this process as one of the participants. Frankly speaking, I have much discomfort in working in Terkola as the long distance makes me tired but every time I feel tired I start to think about people who I invited from Tbilisi or other cities of Europe to my lectures during my studying years at the university in order to share my knowledge with them. I would not be able to do so much if they refused to arrive here because of the long distance. It’s not enough to thank them for their hard work, but it’s fair to express my gratitude with my educational work.

A few years ago I gave up doing my work, I did not take care of myself or other people. At that time one of the journalists asked me to talk about my work; at first I refused but then I agreed and started to speak about my work and duties in the past as I had nothing to talk about in the present. I realized that I had nothing to say or do in the present time and it was high time to change something in my life. So, I established an organization “Neophiles’ Club”. This organization united those people who were ready to share their intellectual and material resources with those ones who needed them. I really think that what each person owns, especially intellectual property, must be shared and spread”.