Ia Chkheidze – ATSU Alumni


Ia Chkheidze – is ATSU graduate and an associated professor.

“Teaching at the university where you have studied is a good opportunity. When you know educational area and have experienced its ways and lapses you have great chance to improve all failures and offer better area. That is why I work how to activate and stimulate students’ knowledge together with the accepted knowledge. I believe that requirement is increasing and quality is rising. Apart from teaching at the university I spend my time in working in Prosecutor’s Office in Georgia. I work in supervising prosecutor’s work and in analytical division of the Department of strategic development where I carry out analytical work: we process data, write recommendations, analyze the reasons of rising crime. More specifically, my work comprises coordinating of juvenile diversion and mediation program. On the one hand I do educational work and on the other hand, I work on the program which is focused on juvenile crime prevention. The role of education in deceasing the crime is quite big. It’s not enough to work only on people who commit crime. I think that when the society has a successful educational system and education is taken seriously by people, acceptance is very high and the number of problems related to right and unaggressive communication is very low.

I have been involved in educational work for ten years. What I mostly see in each generation is courage. I meet students at the auditoriums who seem to be able to change the country. I also have wish to be the part of this change made by them. in terms of education, we have too many challenges to do, for example, working independently on our own is one of the best solutions in my opinion.

I would advise young people who is making a professional choice to listen carefully to their own selves, take responsibility and get ready for the mistakes.

No one should be afraid of mistakes, they are part of learning process”.