Ekaterine Vatsadze – ATSU Alumni


My whole life is a magnificent combination of receiving knowledge and share it with love. It makes me happy that my job and my profession are connected symbiotically in my life and I do not do my duty because of the responsibility or for satisfying my Philistine needs.

Developing myself with scientific conferences and writing interesting scientific articles make me happy, which I use successfully in my practice in order to give my students productive knowledge. As they say, they learn not only English language from me, but also friendship and giving love to others.

The major “culprit” in this great gain is Akaki Tsereteli State University and the faculty of English language and Literature. Successful career of the graduates tells us the great importance of this faculty. Knowledge, teaching methods which always response to modern challenges not only satisfy but exceed students’ expectations. The same happened to me. I made three levels of studying at ATSU. The university gave me the chance to start working at ATSU with a contract. At present I am the Doctor of Philology, a member of a big team of ATSU, an associate professor and the director of the Department of Humanities in Kutaisi University. Thanks to my Alma Mater for equipping me with appropriate knowledge.