Gvanca Totadze – ATSU Alumni


In the period of studying on the second year on the faculty of Journalism, a local newspaper “P.S.” (Post Scriptum) announced a contest for students. I took part in it. They liked my written work very much, it was published in the newspaper and gave me a new opportunity to work in practical journalism. I made my first steps in working in newspaper agencies, such as: “The Old City”, “Netgazeti”, “Info 9”, “Inter Press News”. I also cooperated with different informational agencies.

Being in practical journalism filled me with many different kinds of information. It gave me an opportunity to see challenges, social level, make advocating campaign about several issues. It made me see daily life in different angles.

There were different meetings, trainings and contests for starter bloggers. My first blog was about social problems and civil responsibility. Blogs made me think deeply about everything and I decided to be a volunteer in different kinds of programs and projects which was focused on civil responsibility and involvement of people. At that time an intellectual club “Dialogues among Generations” came into my life.

I found the values in that club that could give someone a personal development, benefits to the cities and country. I started working there as a volunteer, then I became a member, a PR manager, a member of Board, a deputy of the head and for the last three years I worked on the position of a general secretary.

Since 2017 I have been a general secretary and a communicating manager in RICDOG. I made my first steps in the organization from practical journalism to the communicational studies. My first works for PR started in RICDOG. As a PR and communicating manager I made some attempts in nongovernmental organizations and in political field. Since 2016 I have been cooperating with several politicians and different kinds of business. My work is not limited only with my profession and job. I am a civil activist, youth worker, a board member of gender equality which is formed in the City council of Kutaisi Municipality.

It is necessary to be more active society, full of civil responsibility. We, as the citizens, must be actively involved in the processes on the local and state level. We cannot create better future without our active involvement. I, as a citizen, am ready to support anything that will be profitable and productive for my country, especially when it requires my physical and mental involvement.