Sophio Kubaneishvili – ATSU Alumni


I graduated from Akaki Tsereteli State University in 2006, the faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences with the specialty of Jurisprudence, qualification – a lawyer equal to Master’s Degree. Being a lawyer means you possess special skills: you write more than a writer, you ask more questions than a curious child, you listen to more people than a psychologist, you speak more than an orator, you prove and ascertain more than a scientist and you read more than an editor.

My profession is diverse because of many difficult cases. I am a lawyer specialized in juvenile Justice and a specialized lawyer in defensing victims of family violence against women. I have taken part in carrying out different kinds of projects. I worked in the branch of Kutaisi Young Lawyers Association in 2013-2015 on the position of a lawyer; in 2015-2019 I worked in Judicial Assistance Service of Imereti-Kutaisi Judicial Bureau, since 2019 I have been a LTD “Kutaisi University” lawyer and a director and a lawyer in Private Service “Kordzaia Advocacy Bureau” in Kutaisi office.

My professional work comprises not only practical but also pedagogic work. Since 2015 I have been sharing my professional experience with the students of the faculty of Business, Law and Social Sciences Akaki Tsereteli State University and since 2017 with the students of Social Sciences of LTD “Kutaisi University”.

Despite the received academic education and qualifying trainings, I never give up finding out something new as the profession of a lawyer is a living organism and requires constant development and innovations. Loving your profession means doing your duty with high standard of professionalism and qualification. If you love your job, success is always with you. When we want to be successful we must be always ready for hard work. We should keep in mind what Ilia Chavchavadze said: A fortune is made by a person and not a person by a fortune.

I wish you to find your desirable work and be successful.