Giorgi Abazadze – ATSU Alumni


“In my childhood, I always pretended as I was a journalist, then it became my profession. I graduated from Akaki Tsereteli State University in 2019 with the direction of Massive Communications. My profession is a rhythm of my life, constant development and discoveries. It is not enough for the journalist to possess only practical or academic knowledge. From the very first day of my university study I started to work in TV and radio company “Rioni” as a presenter. On the beginning level of Bachelor’s program, the university gave me a theoretical knowledge on which I added my practical knowledge and experience. I wrote articles about the agencies of the region. Time gave me experience and the university gave me a universal knowledge. It is crucial to reveal your inner abilities and skills and clever people help you use them. I was lucky in that case, I still remember the feeling when, on my second year at the university, I was offered to be a tutor of first year students by the head of Quality Assurance Service. I was taken as an intern in Managing Service of Marketing, Projects and events of the university. Every project where the students of journalism took part in, was productive and successful.

I have never stopped the process of development. At the age of 19 I started working in Achara TV and Radio of Public Broadcasting. After the contest, I became a presenter of the News. Kind people helped me reveal my potential and gave me the opportunity to develop. I studied and worked in two cities.

In the process of choosing a profession young people should always have in mind to know what they exactly want. Your profession is not only received skills but this is the emotion for which you should take a risk. On the first day of our studying our lecturer Gia Kobaliani told us: “You are who create student life, you have to manage to make your presence interesting and excited”.

I got back to the university as an employee. I give lectures to the students who are gaining professional education. At the same time, I study at Master’s program”.