Giorgi Gogolashvili – ATSU Alumni



“I studied Engineering of Safe Environment and Applied Ecology at Akaki Tsereteli State University. I am an environmentalist.

I made my professional choice thoughtfully. I remember the period before my university studies when the environmental condition in my country was very hard. I wanted to take part in the process of improvement.

I had practices at Sataplia Reservation and studied the safety system of monuments and plants. Once, the representatives of an Italian company arrived at the university, they were looking for the person to work in their company. I sent my resume to them and soon I started working there. It was my first job in the direction of road constructing. Later, I continued working in Georgian company and at present, I am working on constructing Samtredia-Kutaisi bypass road.

My working field makes a great influence on environment safety. My profession helps me to save standards. It is obvious, that taking care of the environment takes much time and many resources but I firmly keep the values of an environmentalist.

I advise young people who are making their professional choice, to focus on technical subjects. There is deficiency of professional people on the Market and well-educated graduates will certainly make self-realization. It sometimes happens that we can’t find qualified professionals in Georgia and we invite them from the foreign countries. A few months ago I took my course mates at my work and I tried to make them interested in road engineering. I hope I will cooperate with them in the near future.

I often had to manage people at work who were older than me and it’s natural that I knew modern standards better (maybe I had this position because of that), and I always prefer horizontal managing principle. I try to listen to more people and make decisions after that. Listening to people is very interesting and useful. At the university, my lecturers Inga Bochoidze and Cicino Turkadze gave me these examples. Possibly, they made special influence on me. I always felt their support and readiness for changes. They often told us to tell them what we did not like in order to change them together. It made our university studies very interesting and diverse.

I study on Master’s Degree as I am planning to develop my career and I need appropriate academic degree for that.