Ana Mumladze – ATSU Alumni


Ana Mumladze is a graduate of Akaki Tsereteli State University. She is a pharmacist-technologist and works in PSP company.

“I was very interested in technologies and pharmacy in my childhood. Studying at the university would give me an opportunity to create medicines apart from selling them. That’s why I chose this profession. In general, professional choice is one of the important things in one’s life. People have to think twice what they really want to do and make right decisions. When they are students, they should not be satisfied with only academic knowledge but develop themselves as self-education has a great role in one’s life. I can say that the more we asked and required from our lecturers, the better knowledge we received from them. as I see nowadays, the number of exchange programs has greatly increased. I advise young people to use these opportunities and gain practical knowledge in order to become professionals.

Professionalism is constant learning. It’s impossible to learn something once and use it constantly. You have to gain innovative knowledge and improve your academic and practical skills. I remember we were told at the university that we would soon realize the importance of those subjects which we regarded useless. As time passes I am assured that they were right.

I want to deepen my knowledge more and always move forward. For that reason, I think I will get back to the university once again”.