Gvantsa Kenchoshvili – ATSU Alumni

“I studied at Akaki Tsereteli State University on Bachelor’s and Master’s programs for Public Management. I was always interested in politics and relations with people and that’s why I chose this profession.

I still love politics and I am surprised when some people say that they are apolitical. It is very important to know what happens in our country as politics makes great influence on our lives.

I think that it is relevant for the state to have politically active citizens. It will make state’s political activities be controlled and politicians will have better decisions.

It is strategically important for the country to move its resource towards the systematic change of education because the country won’t ever develop without it.

My studying years at the university reminds me of great time. I always worked as a student and always tried to develop myself on my own.

I work on the position of personnel specialist at the moment.

Despite the fact that I have Master’s Degree, I don’t think that learning process has its summit or ending. This is constant and living process and I try to develop and move forward”.