Teimuraz Murckhvaladze – ATSU Alumni

“I am the head of the youth department of the association of Sport Facilities in Kutaisi and my basic work is related to young people. I work on summer and winter schools of leaders. We have chosen education as a priority and I am concentrated on educational matters than sport.

I studied at Akaki Tsereteli State University on Bachelor’s program of International Relation and on Master’s program of Public Management. Diplomacy and foreign affairs have been interesting fields for me since my childhood and that’s why I decided to get education in this field.

In general, education has a great role in developing a person and it’s a pity that the majority of Georgian population cannot get high standard of education and thus, it is easy for political leaders to have influence on them and rule them as a mass. There are also some people who get education, though, they can’t form themselves as a person and cannot manage to use their knowledge in a practical way. I completely agree with Ilia Chavchavadze who said that language, homeland and religion have great role in the process of personal development. When a person is able to predict what his or her action follows for his family or country, it means that he or she is a perfect person.

I have frequent communication with young people. The thing I am mostly worried about is that when people offer us their own ideas for the projects and we suggest them to correct some minor mistakes in them and represent the projects again, they feel worried and give up. I want this attitude to be changed.

During the whole year we are open for the initiations. Unfortunately, young people are not quite active and we discussed 6 initiatives only. I wish they were more active. I really want to create more opportunities for young people than I had in their age, I don’t want them to say that nothing special happens.

I advise young people to focus on education and work harder in order to develop themselves”.