Miranda Managadze – ATSU Alumni

“At the moment I am working in Kordzadze Advocacy Office on the position of an attorney.

I studied at Akaki Tsereteli State University from 2004 to 2010 and I have Master’s Degree of Jurisprudence.

I made my professional choice thoughtfully. I grew up in the family of teachers. I always heard that the best profession and work for women was teaching as it saves time for the family. I decided to be a lawyer and when my parents learned about my professional choice, they did not agree. They pleaded me to think twice before making a decision as I would have no time for my own family or my career. Though, I had firmly made my decision and was not going to change it. If anyone asks me why I decided to be a lawyer, I will respond them that I made this choice because I do love humans. I exactly knew that I had to be a human rights defender and I would never be a judge or a prosecutor.

It’s not good that young people have no time at schools or universities to make their professional choice. People choose their professions because of many different things. Some of them continue family tradition and some are dependent on their luck or exam results. I know many people who were going to be doctors but their exam scores changed their decisions and started studying on the faculty of Law. This kind of education can rarely make you a professional. Profession has a great role in one’s life. My profession is everything for me. When I do my duty, I am always active and alive, get more adrenaline. Despite the fact that I have worked in other working fields, I think that I received such kind of education by studying law that I can integrate and use it in any job. In one word, it’s a very useful profession.

The university gave me many good things and one of the important was knowledge and practical experience. When I first started to work with my profession I realized that it was quite difficult to adapt received theoretical knowledge in your practice, that’s why it is relevant to gain practical knowledge while studying at the university. Jurisprudence is a competitive field. So, if you want to be a desirable candidate on the Market you should develop and improve yourself as a professional.

I love my university and I would be happy to have my share in its development. I will share my intellectual resource and experience to my university students with great pleasure. I experienced it in the past when I delivered lectures about humanitarian law for a year. I did not have enough time to continue working at the university. If there is a need to work there, I will share my resource to the university”.