💡 The Big Idea Challenge video pitch competition encourages young people from Creative Spark programme countries to develop an innovative startup and tell the world about it.

❗❗ Deadline for applications – 17 April, 00:00 ❗❗

📣 Criterias to participate. If you:

👉 Are student of ATSU

👉 Are graduate of ATSU or entrepreneur between 18-25 years;

👉 Citizen of Georgia;

👉 Know English Language on intermediate level;

📹 Then, you have a chance to participate in the video-pitch competition!


PRIZES: Competition winners will be awarded with grants in the form of business seed funding as well as professional development, marketing support, mentorship opportunities and a live streamed remote 1-to-1 mentoring programme.


🥉Country Category Winner Georgia: Packaged Business Support, Mentoring, Access to free Digital Services.

🥈Country Champion Georgia: – £1,000; Packaged Business Support, Mentoring, Access to free Digital Services.

🥇 International People’s choice Winner: £1,000; Packaged Business Support, Mentoring, Access to free Digital Services.

🥇 Grand Champion prize – £1,000.


👉 Participation in the competition is possible individually or with a team of no more than FOUR PEOPLE. Keep in mind that one of the team members must be a student of ATSU


📣 The three competition categories give all types of ideas an equal chance – whether it’s about a great business venture, an amazing creative project or simply trying to make the world a better place.

The categories are:

1️⃣    Digital technology (includes  ideas  involving  the  development  and  application  of  new software or hardware);

2️⃣    Social impact (for ideas that tackle social inclusion and gender equality or target under-represented communities and the world beyond. This could be an environmental or social idea that helps those most in need);

3️⃣    Creative (for  ideas  for  a  new  product,  an exhibition, or  a  way  to  make  the  cultural environment more vibrant. Ideas that help creative people reach new audiences will also be considered in this category).


📑 აკაკი წერეთლის სახელმწიფო უნივერსიტეტის – „შემოქმედებითი ნაპერწკალი: სამეწარმეო განათლების პროგრამა უმაღლესი სასწავლებლებისთვის“  პროგრამა თქვენ გაძლევთ შანსს, მონაწილეობა მიიღოთ ბრიტანეთის საბჭოს მიერ გამოცხადებულ კონკურსში “BIG IDEA CHALLENGE.”