Sophio Kupatadze – ATSU Alumni


Sophio Kupatadze – a Bachelor student of International Relations of Akaki Tsereteli State University. She continued studying in the Ukraine, after coming back to Georgia she has been cooperating with the educational development and employment centre with her diverse working experience for 5 years.

“our country is constantly in development process, I have always wanted to be an active member of this process; when I evaluated the condition of my country after getting back from the Ukraine, I realized that I would be able to participate in causing necessary changes from nongovernmental sector.

At present I work on defending rights of disabled children and people. We now have four centres for disabled people in Kutaisi, Samtredia, Terjola and Saguramo. I coordinate and administrate these programs.

I spent my childhood during 1990s and as all people in my country, we had an economic hardship and social problems, and I remember very well that our major value was education. Since my childhood, I have known that if I want to achieve my goal, only the education would let me do that.

People get education for different reasons. If we discuss a good example of it, we can conclude, that the main reason and aim of getting education is socialization. Anyone, making their professional choice at the moment, I would recommend to appreciate their own abilities and think about perspective. Let’s not border ourselves within those professions which are popular nowadays, but think about inevitable progress in the future.

Thinking and discussing about changes and development is important not only after finishing the school, but also for grown-ups, after getting stable jobs it is important to think about your professional development. Discussions about adults’ education is getting stronger day by day. It is obvious, that economic condition of the country affects on education and sometimes when a person wants to have a new profession, but has no opportunity to find financial and time resource to do that. But frankly, it should also be mentioned that in the period of modern technologies one can make time for getting knowledge. Online platform of civil community institute is the resource where I have taken a course about creating a document of public politics, advocacy and lobbying.

I think that education is a continuing process which gives us questions and answers simultaneously, and this is the right way to live.