Tamta Cheishvili – ATSU Alumni

Tamta Cheishvili is an assistant-professor of International Relations at Akaki Tsereteli State University.

“I studied at Akaki Tsereteli State University on the Bachelor’s program of International Relations and on Master’s program of Public Management. At the end of the Master’s program, I had intended to continue studying on the third level of high education and become a Doctoral student. I was given an offer from the Department of Social Sciences and university leadership to work at the university.

I was always interested in politics and that’s why I chose my profession. I did not think about working in educational system before studying at the university, though, later I was attracted by this area.

Education is an opportunity for me to cause necessary changes that our state has at present. It’s true that I am not directly involved in public politics but I receive cases to discuss from modern political experience of seminar works which makes the learning process more interesting and productive.

My relations to my students is not limited with only academic lectures. I always try to share all productive resources what I possess. This kind of attitude towards education I feel positive effect from students’ side, they all respect me.

I would advise those young people who are making their professional choice to follow their own aspirations because our lives belong to us and only we take responsibility for it”.